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Another Sign “Soon” Is Here

In a recent meeting with a potential client here in flyover country, I got one of my first solid glimmers of the reset I see happening in small businesses. And that will accelerate in 2011.

This gentleman has been in his particular industry for nearly 45 years. He’s seen it all. He’s made his living. And he’s seen the light. 

Not just that he needs a website to display and/or sell his wares, but that he really needs the internet. Not just to sell stuff, but to run his business. And that he needs to reconfigure as quickly as he prudently can.

I’ve talked to more and more like him in the past several months. Men and women who realize that they can no longer ignore what’s happening around them, even if they are already in their sixties. The digital tsunami will hit before they retire.

Putting it off any longer will be riskier than taking the plunge. 

It was confirmed when, out in the parking lot after the meeting, I glanced at the business card he handed me. No email address. 

Yet he knew it was time to hit send.

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